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Jewish Journal, November 25, 2022


75 Years Later: Anti-Zionism Is Antisemitism


By Mike Leven


The rise of high-profile antisemitic comments by Kanye West and Kyrie Irving have left the U.S. Jewish community shaken. It caught us off guard and we were blindsided by the reality that anyone would spout such hateful rhetoric or, worse, that hundreds of thousands of people could agree with these views.



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The Jerusalem Post, October 20, 2022


Helping to secure the Jewish future.


By Alan Rosenbaum


Getting to know Mike Leven, founder of Jewish Future Pledge and Jewish Youth Pledge, two singular initiatives designed to help sustain the Jewish people’s future




The Jewish News of Northern California, October 13, 2022


Who’s pledging to bequeath 50% to Jewish causes? These people are.


By Liz Harris


A Jewish donor or philanthropist may support many causes — but will they commit to leaving at least half of their estate’s charitable dollars to support the Jewish people and/or the State of Israel?



news-item-something-from-nothing, July 3rd, 2022


Making Something From Nothing


By Fotis Georgiadis


Make sure you surround yourself with the right people. Starting a company — though immensely rewarding — is a very difficult professional endeavor.




The Algemeiner, May 17, 2022


What American Jewish Organizations Need — and Value — Today


By Mark Silberman


It began with a simple question: what would Jewish nonprofits do with more money? As chairman of the Jewish Future Pledge, I was curious. So, we asked some of our partner organizations what it would look like if more money was truly set aside for our collective Jewish future?


The question was simple. The answers were not.




The Jerusalem Post, May 11, 2022


American Jewish communities demand protection from antisemites – opinion


By Julie Platt & Mike Leven


While we [Jewish Federations] direct resources to the urgent matters we face today, the Pledge is inspiring global Jewry to ensure that Jewish life and Israel will thrive for generations to come. We must both satisfy the immediate needs of the present while planning for the future.




The Algemeiner, March 21, 2022


Parenting Is Hard; Teaching Kids to Give Back Shouldn’t Be

By Emily Silberman


While none of us are perfect, there is one “easy” way to impart our values onto our children and inspire them to be better people — by getting them involved in charity.




JNS, February 22, 2022


Jewish Youth Pledge celebrates milestone 5,500+ pledges


Today, the Jewish Youth Pledge—a global initiative that asks Jewish teens and young adults, ages 13 to 24, to commit to strengthening the Jewish community throughout their lifetime—announced that it has surpassed 5,500 pledges and is releasing a digital Time Capsule and turnkey educational program for its partners.




Podcast, February 16th, 2022


The Road to Philanthropy


Jewish Future Pledge founder, Mike Leven, joins Gary S. Cohn of Painted Rock Advisors to reveal his book, Can’t Do It Yourself: How Commitment to Others Leads to Personal Prosperity,




JNS, December 8, 2021


Jewish Future Pledge Reaches 3000 Pledgers


Today, the Jewish Future Pledge recorded its 3000th Pledge and 3750th Youth Pledge. Launched in 2020, the Jewish Future Pledge can be signed by anyone who wants to help ensure the Jewish future, regardless of their age, background, net worth, or how much they plan to leave to charity.




JLiving, Hanukkah 2021


One Pledge at a Time


Over the last two years, the global Jewish community has been forced to contend with a number of challenging realities.




Jewish Journal, November 30, 2021


A Different Kind of GivingTuesday Pledge


Amid the ongoing pandemic, and economic recession, many Americans find themselves facing new challenges this holiday season. But even if you were not in a position to donate this year, you can still honor the GivingTuesday spirit. You can take the Jewish Future Pledge.




eJewish Philanthropy, November 1, 2021

by Craig Dershowitz


Rich Jew, Poor Jew:  Giving Without Limitations  


Whether you give $10 or $10,000, the intent behind the charity is what gives it value. All Jews have this moral obligation, and by welcoming each other to have a seat at the table—to give and tell our stories—we can create a thriving Jewish future.




The Atlanta Jewish Times, August 26, 2021

by Jan Jaben-Eilon


The Future of Jewish Journalism  


“We know that Jewish journalism is extremely critical to the Jewish community and has great insight into where we are and where we may be headed, by nature of reporting on so many facets of Jewish life,” Leven said. “The aim of this panel was to share this message with our audience.”




The Texas Jewish Post, August 12, 2021

by A. J. Rosmarin and Mike Hirsh


Our Vision for the Jewish Future


“In 2015, we were on a mission to Israel with the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas, touring an area near the Syrian border, when we suddenly saw a flurry of military aircrafts hovering nearby.”




Jewish News of Southeastern Virginia, July 16, 2021

by Jody Wagner


I’ve pledged support for the Jewish future.  Here’s why.  


As we begin to emerge from the upheaval of this past year, many of us are reflecting on our goals and values. For me, it’s the importance of participating in the Jewish community and supporting Jewish causes.


I was raised in the tight-knit community of Beachwood, Ohio, where my school was 95% Jewish. My father, a Holocaust survivor, had made me aware of our historical trauma, and I appreciated being part of a vibrant Jewish community. However, everything was already established—I did not see a personal role to play.




eJewish Philanthropy, July 12, 2021


More than 1,000 people have signed the Jewish Future Pledge, which commits signatories to bequeathing at least half of their charitable donations to causes that support either the Jewish people, the state of Israel or both, pledge co-founder Mike Leven told eJewishPhilanthropy.




Jewish New Syndicate, July 11, 2021

by Joseph Krebs


JNF-USA Supports Jewish Future Pledge, Securing Israel’s Future


For millennia, the Jewish People’s flame has burned brightly, fueled by traditions and practices passed down from generation to generation, reliant on an unbroken chain of continuity. Each generation has carried a sacred responsibility of securing the future of the Jewish people and our connection to the land of Israel for their children, grandchildren, and generations yet unborn.




The Jewish Standard, June 2, 2021

by Jonathan E. Lazarus


The Coopermans put millions into philanthropy


In his inaugural in 1961, John F. Kennedy declared: ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.’ Well before these gentlemen expressed their thoughts, it was written in the Talmud that ‘a man’s net worth is measured not by what he earns but rather what he gives away.’




The Jerusalem Post, May 1, 2021

by Elisa Palter


I have three children. But the Jewish community is my fourth


We give our three children enormous love and energy and guidance, and at the same time, we also discuss the fourth child that we nurture and guide alongside them: the Jewish community…


Growing up, my father, Paul Morton, had a code that he lived by: With privilege comes responsibility. He didn’t mean that we had tremendous wealth. He meant that we had a roof over our heads and food in our stomachs and opportunities and education and love – and we had a responsibility to share it.




The Wexner Foundation, March 22, 2021

by Julie Beren Platt


Our Biggest Opportunity to Secure the Jewish Future is Here.


As a Wexner Heritage Alum, I know that leadership is not just about vision – it is about innovation and transformative vision.  That’s what drew me to the Jewish Future Pledge.


That’s philanthropy on a huge, exciting scale that could fundamentally change the landscape of Jewish life. And an opportunity that is open to every Jew, whether they plan to leave $10 or $10 million in their Will. Imagine what could happen if a million people commit to ensure that the Jewish future is secure. I imagine that every child would be able to attend Jewish summer camp, every college student would find the Jewish resources they need on campus, every family would be able to pay membership dues and every organization would make payroll without constant stress. I imagine a flourishing of Jewish art and music and scholarship. In fact, all the above are initiatives I have worked on during my volunteer career. I know, firsthand, that no one person or family can fund or fix them all. But we can if we do it together.




Authority Magazine, March 19, 2021

Social Impact Heroes: Why & How Amy Holtz of the Jewish Future Pledge Is Helping To Change Our World.


A passionate advocate for Israel and the Jewish people, Amy was named one of the Jerusalem Post’s “50 Most Influential Jews” (2016) and one of Algemeiner’s “Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life” (2020)


When I realized the challenges that all non-profits face on a daily basis while trying to do good for the world, I found my new purpose — to help as many non-profits as possible. I do this in two ways: Through Jewish Future Pledge, and as a professional EOS Implementer who does a lot of work in the non-profit world.




eJewishPhilanthropy, March 22, 2021


How Morgan Stanley does philanthropy


Updates on the Jewish Future Pledge and values investing from Melanie Schnoll Begun


Our clients and prospective clients just want to do more with their money. Our most recent conversations have been with large institutional entities who want to implement this [the Jewish Future Pledge] in their endowment; we’re also talking with boards. So much of this is about nurturing this conversation with boards, getting them to move towards a 100% Jewish values portfolio.




South Florida Sun Sentinel, March 17, 2021


Federations to invest in future of Jewish people, Israel


Federations in South Florida have partnered with the worldwide Jewish Future Pledge movement.


The Jacobson Jewish Community Foundation of the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County and the Foundation of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation are part of a cohort of 11 Jewish communities across North America who are partners with the movement in a two-year pilot program.




Jewish News Syndicate, March 9, 2021


Jewish Future Pledge expands to next generation with Jewish Youth Pledge


The Jewish Future Pledge’s “Youth Pledge” asks Jewish teens and young adults, ages 13 to 25, to commit to an ideological pledge of Jewish communal responsibility by taking active roles in leading and contributing to the Jewish community.




Jewish News Syndicate, March 5, 2021


The urgency of communal responsibility has never been greater


As the coronavirus pandemic has unfolded around the world, I feel an even greater sense of urgency to make a difference, to playing my part in our Jewish communal responsibility. To ensure a secure a meaningful Jewish future for all, we must act now so that no one is left behind.




Saporta Report, February 25, 2021

200 Atlantans sign Jewish Future Pledge


Back in 2019, Atlanta became a pilot city for the Jewish Future Pledge, a way to ensure legacy giving in Jewish communities across the country.



Earlier this week, the Atlanta Jewish Foundation and the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta announced that it reached a milestone of 200 pledges from Atlanta.




Jewish News, February 18, 2021


Tidewater Jewish Foundation partnership with Jewish Future Pledge aims to ensure the future of Jewish giving.


Joining a two-year pilot program to proliferate a culture of legacy giving in communities across North America, Tidewater Jewish Foundation launched a new partnership with the Jewish Future Pledge earlier this month. TJF is part of a cohort of 11 local federations and Jewish Foundations across North America put together by The Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) and the Jewish Future Pledge.




eJewish Philanthropy, February 2, 2021

Donor-Advised Funds are the Future of the Jewish Future Pledge


Mike Leven and others are engaged in trying to integrate the pledge into the systems of Jewish philanthropy by identifying where that wealth is currently sitting, and then motivating financial planners, fundraisers and influential younger donors to become ambassadors for the pledge.




The Jewish Exponent, January 28, 2021


“The Jewish Future Contest” – Atlantic Seaboard NCSY and Jewish Future Pledge’s Youth initiative announced a video/essay competition!


The contest kicked off recently when NCSY gathered 35 teen leaders from regional high schools to hear from Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia board co-chair David Adelman, who is the CEO of Campus Apartments. He described how he got where he is and how each of them could embody philanthropic principles and give back to the Jewish community.




The Times of Israel, January 21, 2021

Michael Leven’s Philanthropy Campaign


The Jewish Future Pledge is designed to ensure that core components of Jewish life — Jewish organizations, religious institutions and causes related to Israel — are sustained, precisely when there is no guarantee that future generations will produce Jewish-focused philanthropy to match the levels of the current era.




eJewish Philanthropy, January 11, 2021

Talking To Your Children About Jewish Giving


As we took our seats in the living room surrounded by our four children and their spouses just one year ago, a mixture of trepidation and excitement filled the air. My wife and I began the conversation.




Inside Philanthropy, January 11, 2021

Behind a Pledge to Mobilize Billions in New Giving for Jewish Causes


It’s been more than a decade since billionaires Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates launched the Giving Pledge, a campaign that encourages the most affluent people in the world to join Buffett and the Gateses in donating most of their wealth to charity.


Enter the Jewish Future Pledge—a new campaign that’s based in part on the Giving Pledge but geared toward Jewish philanthropists of all income brackets.




Mayberg Foundation, December 03, 2020

Values that have encouraged Jews to allocate their charitable dollars to the Jewish future


Every Jewish family actualizes their values in different ways, and one recently launched initiative, Jewish Future Pledge, provides a platform for Jews to express their values through a lasting gift to the Jewish people.



The Algemeiner, December 3, 2020

Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life, 2020


Mike Leven and Amy Holtz, co-founders of the Jewish Future Pledge, have been included in the list of the Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life, 2020.  Mike Leven is a legendary business executive and philanthropist.  Amy Holtz is a visionary leader and strategist with more than two decades of experience leading and growing businesses and nonprofits.





The Forward, November 12, 2020

The Joy of Paying it Forward, by David Cygielman


Watching Moishe House participants grow into strong Jewish communal leaders over the years and reflecting on the generosity I’ve benefitted from throughout my life fills me with enormous joy and gratitude. So when I discovered the Jewish Future Pledge, a new nonprofit initiative formed to encourage Jews around the world to commit 50% of the charitable dollars in their estate plan to Jewish causes, my wife and I didn’t think twice about making the commitment. In fact, when I first brought it up with my wife, she looked at me and asked, “Why wouldn’t we?”




The Jewish News of Northern California, November 9, 2020

Today’s youth are seekers, so let’s creatively show them Judaism


Jewish institutions often fail to attract young people because we don’t package Judaism in a way that resonates with them. Like any product, service or idea, Judaism needs to be marketed. We need to reach future generations through creative channels with innovative products so that they may too share our love and passion for Judaism.



Wealth Mgmt logo, November 6, 2020

Pandemic Philanthropy:  Align Giving With Your Clients’ Faith


Families with MS GIFT accounts may also consider participating in the Jewish Future Pledge, a new collaboration part of MS GIFT’s ongoing commitment to faith-based giving and investing, by committing 50% or more of their charitable assets to support the Jewish people and/or the State of Israel.




CT Jewish Ledger, November 3, 2020

Jewish Future Pledge and JFNA partner to ensure the future of Jewish giving


Today, Jewish Future Pledge and The Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) announced a new partnership, which will advance a shared vision and commitment to secure a vibrant Jewish future, sparking critical intergenerational conversations about Jewish values and proliferating a culture of legacy giving.




Webinar:  JFNA’s General Assembly, October 26, 2020

Power of Legacy: Planned Giving’s Role in Mobilizing Crisis Response and Securing the Future.


As our panelists, Michael Balaban, David Brown, Michael Friedman, Mike Leven, Laura Linder, Elisa Palter, Julie Platt and Mark Silberman shared, planned giving has played a lead role in mobilizing our response to this current crisis and will play an increasingly important role in the coming years as we continue to strengthen our communities and secure the Jewish future.




Jewish News Syndicate, October 25, 2020

Partnering to Ensure the Future of Jewish Giving


The Jewish Future Pledge and JFNA announced a new partnership, which will advance a shared vision and commitment to secure a vibrant Jewish future, sparking critical intergenerational conversations about Jewish values and proliferating a culture of legacy giving.




The Algemeiner, October 23, 2020

New Initiative Seeks to Secure Jewish Future Through Charitable Giving


The non-profit initiative Jewish Future Pledge recently announced a new partnership with Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) that will help advance their shared commitment to secure a vibrant Jewish future.




Jewish News Syndicate, October 12, 2020

The Jewish Future Pledge partners with Morgan Stanley, asking donors to plan ahead.


The two organizations plan to work together in educating clients and advisors about the opportunities to ensure that their values are reflected in their financial, estate and charitable planning.




The Associated Press, September 30, 2020

Jewish Future Pledge Announces Collaboration with Morgan Stanley GIFT to Advance Faith-Based Giving Initiative


Today, the Jewish Future Pledge announced a new collaboration with Morgan Stanley’s charitable giving vehicle, Morgan Stanley GIFT, a donor advised fund.




Times of Israel, September 14, 2020

Facing our future this Rosh Hashanah


“Ayeka!?” – “Where are you!?” With this one-word question posed by God to Adam, one of humanity’s fundamental missions is revealed: Where are you when you are needed?




The Jerusalem Post, September 2, 2020

How to ensure a vibrant Jewish future


If Jews do not support our own community, our communal institutions will not have the support they need to continue.




eJewish Philanthropy, July 14, 2020

Ensuring the Jewish future, One Conversation At a Time


If you care about the Jewish future, I hope you will join me in signing this pledge. It is a powerful way to lead by example – for your kids, for your community, and for future generations. As my father taught me many years ago, there is no greater gift than you can give than inspiring a commitment to the Jewish people.




The Forward, June 23, 2020

Unless Jews Start Listening to Each Other, Our Future Will Be Lost


We come from the same places and share the same history. I think about the countless Jewish lives persecuted, oppressed, and killed by regimes of all kinds over millennia. While there were wide divides within our community throughout the ages, we found ways to bridge our gaps and move forward with our shared Jewish project.


It is time for everyone in the Jewish world to take a breath, take some time to think, and focus on what makes us similar rather than what makes us different.




Jewish Telegraphic Agency, June 22, 2020

Jewish organizations are in danger. Our legacy planning should make sure they survive.


While I was creating my own donor-advised funds for my sons, my wife wisely asked, “How do you know they are going to spend this Jewishly?” It hit me like a bolt. I never thought about what was going to happen to my donor-advised funds after I die. I started the Jewish Future Pledge to invite others — not only Warren Buffet’s billionaires — to pledge that upon their passing, they leave at least 50% of their assets for charitable purposes to continue to support our people.




Jewish News Syndicate, June 9, 2020

Jewish Future Pledge calls on Jews to allocate half of their charitable estate to charity


This is not a fundraiser. It is a monumental chance to sustain the financial future of the Jewish people, and to ensure that our values and wisdom endure for generations.




New Jersey Jewish Standard, May 28, 2020

Giving it to the Jews: Jewish Future Pledge asks donors to plan their bequests


“What’s really powerful is you’re having these conversations with professionals — stockbrokers, insurance people — and you’re having these conversations with your children. It’s not unusual to talk about estate planning with your peers. Having this conversation and this pledge is a powerful vehicle for making a change and commitment for our future.”




Jewish Exponent, May 24, 2020

Jewish Future Pledge Asks for Commitment


Part of that is stressing to potential signers that the pledge requires only 50% of the charitable funds they’d leave behind support Jewish causes. There’s no restriction as to what can be funded, as long as it’s Jewish.


“It doesn’t make any difference to me where the resources are going to be spent in the end,” Leven said.



eJewish Philanthropy, May 17, 2020

A $600 Billion Opportunity to Secure the Jewish Future


This initiative comes at a critical time for the Jewish community. More and more young Jews are disengaged; the U.S.-Israel relationship faces new challenges; and the institutions that have held our community together for generations hang in the balance. Nearly two-thirds of young Jews do not belong to any synagogue, and nearly 25% of people born to Jewish families now claim they have “no religion.” Intermarriage continues to pull many younger Jews out of the community because our institutions have not adapted to accommodate interfaith families fast enough. At the same time, fewer and fewer Jews see Israel as a critical part of their Jewish identity.



Jewish Telegraphic Agency, May 14, 2020

New Jewish giving pledge takes a page from Gates and Buffett initiative


“We have an historic opportunity to write the next chapter of the Jewish story,” Leven said in a statement. “By acting now, we can ensure that more than $600 billion is set aside for Jewish causes as wealth is transferred from this generation to the next. I wanted to start a conversation with my family about the importance of securing the Jewish future. I see an enormous opportunity to help spark thousands – even millions – of similar conversations around Jewish tables before my generation passes about why the Jewish future matters.”



Times of Israel, May 14, 2020

New US Jewish donation pledge takes a page from Gates and Buffett initiative


A new initiative asks Jewish-American donors to earmark at least 50 percent of the charitable giving in their estate plan to Jewish- or Israel-related causes. The Jewish Future Pledge, co-founded by philanthropist and entrepreneur Michael Leven and Jewish executive Amy Holtz, was launched on Wednesday.



Cleveland Jewish News, May 14, 2020

New US Jewish donation pledge takes a page from Gates and Buffett initiative


“We have an historic opportunity to write the next chapter of the Jewish story,” Leven said in a statement. “By acting now, we can ensure that more than $600 billion is set aside for Jewish causes as wealth is transferred from this generation to the next. I wanted to start a conversation with my family about the importance of securing the Jewish future. I see an enormous opportunity to help spark thousands – even millions – of similar conversations around Jewish tables before my generation passes about why the Jewish future matters.”



Times of Israel, May 13, 2020

New US group seeks to ensure young Jewish donors keep giving to Jewish causes


“We trust the next generation,” co-founder Amy Holtz said. “We think they’re going to make great decisions. We’re not mandating where they give. We just want to make sure that they give Jewish.”



AEPi’s The Lion – Winter Issue 2020

Securing the Jewish Future


“As AEPi Brothers, we understand that we need to step up as leaders in the Jewish community, and I invite AEPi Brothers to become leaders in the Jewish Future Pledge,” said Leven. “The Jewish future is in our hands, and it starts with each one of us.”



American Jewish University Webinar, April 21 2020

A Six Billion Dollar Opportunity


A person’s net worth is measured not by what he earns, but by what he gives. Join David Groshoff, J.D., M.B.A., Ed.M. Interim Dean, Graduate School of Nonprofit Management, and Professor of Business & Law at American Jewish University, in conversation with Mike Leven and Mark Silberman: two leading entrepreneurs and philanthropists behind the Jewish Future Pledge, a new movement designed to ignite a culture of Jewish legacy giving and spark critical intergenerational conversations about why the Jewish Future matters.



Jewish Funders Network Webinar, March 22, 2020

Tzedakah We Can Believe In: A $600 Billion Opportunity to Secure the Jewish Future


Jewish philanthropy is declining, as many families are increasing their giving to causes outside the community. A rising percentage of the next generation of Jews are disconnecting from Judaism and the State of Israel. Now is the time to do something radical to secure the Jewish future. The Jewish Future Pledge is igniting a national conversation and encouraging Jews to commit at least 50 percent or more of the charitable dollars in their legacy giving to Jewish and Israel-related causes.



Atlanta Jewish Times, July 10, 2019

Pledging Today for Tomorrow’s Jewish Future


Over the next 25 years, a staggering amount of money – estimates range as high as $60 trillion – will transfer from the Baby Boomers to the millennials and Gen Z.



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